Banana pancakes vegan

I love the smell of pancakes in the morning and would love to eat pancakes literally everyday. However, to be entirely honest, I am far too lazy! Out of laziness and the need for healthy vegan pancakes I forced myself to try out some new recipes to overcome my struggle. Simple is the key word for those lovely banana pancakes vegan style. You only need 3 ingredients and they are super soft at the same time!

Banana Pancakes Vegan

What you need – 2 Portions

  • 2 (preferably ripe) bananas
  • 200 ml oat or soy milk
  • 100 g Wheat Flour (If you want the pancakes a bit more low carb you can replace 30 g of the wheat flour with coconut flour).
Banana Pancakes Vegan

How to – Banana Pancakes Vegan

  • This recipe is as simple as it sounds, but believe me one of my favorite vegan pancakes!
  • cut the bananas and put them in a big mixing bowl.
  • Add the milk and the flour.
  • Stir for at least 1 minute ( preferably with an automatic food processor, as it could take a little while otherwise).
  • The dough might be a little bit too dense (depending on the ripeness of the banana). If that is the case, just add a little bit more milk till you reach your perfect texture.
  • heat up a pan and put some neutral oil ( for example rape seed oil) or some coconut oil.
  • Finally, bake the pancakes in the pan!

Toppings for pancakes are in my opinion pretty essential! (Not only, because the picture looks so much better…). My favorite lately is date syrup and all different kinds of berries, but nuts and cocoa nibs are also a shout!

We have a lot more yummy recipes on our German page, but also other breakfast ideas, here on this English website! – For example this amazing Coffee breakfast bowl, for everyone who cannot get enough coffee intake in the morning! ;).

Banana Pancakes Recipe
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Coffee Breakfast Bowl

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