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This blog is the collaborative project of three German-born sisters, who share the beautiful surname “Apfel”, which is the German word for “Apple”. Yes, this is the part where smart people start to get why we named our blog applethree. 🙂

Ina & her husband live – since August 2017 with their new born baby girl – in a suburb of Munich. Ina studied biology and chemistry in Munich and found her dream job in being a teacher. She loves traveling and cooking and sharing this with our readers.

Sanny works in London as an Au Pair (for the best family ever) since the end of August 2016. She’s completed her sociology studies in Salzburg in 2015 and received a bachelor’s degree in that. For quite a while now she calls herself a vegan who lives off a plant based diet 95% of the time. She obviously also loves (vegan) cooking, animals, kids (who behave), going out with friends, music and “the look behind the scenes”. Her biggest passion lies in writing, so this whole blog thing comes in pretty handy. 🙂

Anja currently lives in Malmö, Sweden, and studies Criminology in the Master’s program. Even with being trapped in a small student’s kitchen, Anja tries to get the most out of it and constantly creates new & healthy recipes. She also enjoys spending her free time with traveling, doing sports, and taking pictures.


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In September 2015 it was Ina who started running her own blog about food, travel and lifestyle. But as time flew by she wasn’t really satisfied with what she could do with the blog by herself. There simply was too little time for a full working teacher to maintain a high quality blog. But she didn’t want to give up on her beloved project. So that was when she thought about her two younger sisters who then came in to play to a role.

At the end of March 2016, the project went online. The three sisters regularly publish posts on their personal blog, focusing on healthy eating, vegan nutrition, travel planning, travelogues, personal posts and interesting things about their respective professions – science, sociology, and psychology.

In August 2017, Anja moved from Vienna to Malmö and Sanny had fallen in love with London, why she decided to stay there. So for Anja and Sanny mostly speaking English in their daily life, the three came to the decision to make their website more international in order to reach more people. So that’s why we launched an English version of our blog in November 2017.

We are highly engaged in our social networks Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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