Couscous Salad Recipe

couscoussalat mit gurke karotte tomate und feta

Today I have a super yummy To-Go Recipe for you! This couscous salad recipe is perfect as a small snack for in-between or as a main meal and can be easily transported in a glass to go. You can eat it either straight away warm or let it settle a little bit. In this case you can enjoy your couscous salad as a main meal as well as the leftovers in the next couple of days for office, university or school breaks!

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Banana pancakes vegan

bananen Pancakes vegan

I love the smell of pancakes in the morning and would love to eat pancakes literally everyday. However, to be entirely honest, I am far too lazy! Out of laziness and the need for healthy vegan pancakes I forced myself to try out some new recipes to overcome my struggle. Simple is the key word for those lovely banana pancakes vegan style. You only need 3 ingredients and they are […]

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Vegan Scrambled Eggs

veganes Rührei

I don’t know how you feel about replacing meat or dairy products through vegan alternatives, but I think its genius! I often hear meat-eaters complain about how stupid it is to replace those products, are the “real ones” always the better ones. Many do not get that vegans do not like the taste of certain products, but rather disagree with the fact to kill an animal, the conditions they need […]

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Coffee Breakfastbowl

Kaffee Frühstücksbowl

Today I have the ultimate breakfast for those, who can’t get to work without a fair amount of caffeine intake. My coffee breakfast bowl gives you the awesome caffeine kick and delivers with valuable ingredients a perfect basis to strengthen the day to start. Thank me later!

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15 Pasta Recipes – Quick & Easy

You know what I discovered recently? That we‘ve already published more than 200 posts in our German ‘recipes‘ category alone. I am currently working on translating all of them step by step but until then I wanted to share with you guys a little selection of our easy & delicious recipes that already have been converted into the beautiful English language ;). Stay tuned for way more mouth watering creations! But […]

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Sweet Cherry Pasta With Espresso

Some things you just have to try yourself to actually have a say. That you can prepare pasta in a sweet way always seemed to me to be a crazy idea – until recently. I’ve always thought: this simply can’t taste good! (Just like pizza with pineapples haha.) But since I’m an adventurous person I thought I might as well try it. The sweet pasta I mean, not the pineapple […]

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Tortellini With Pumpkin

The following two recipes were also created last autumn. And, as well-known to everybody, autumn is the season for sofa evenings and soulfood! For me, soulfood no. 1 has always been pasta. Today I show you two different variants of autumn pasta with Giovanni Rana Pasta.

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