vegan swedish chokladbollar

What are your first thoughts when you hear Sweden? I usually think of beautiful nature, scandinavian style and lots of coffee. However, swedes usually are not missing out the sweets to their coffee and having their traditional fika. What fika is? Its actually just a really nice word for having coffee with friends, colleagues or family and usually having snacks beside it. One of the famous sweets are Kanelbullar and Chokoladbollar, which are super easy to prepare and are also suitable for a vegan diet! So if you want to be a part of swedish tradition, you should definitely start cooking now!

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Rocket-Persimmon-Salad with Vegan “Goats”-Cheese

Loveliest vegan friends! As you probably can already imagine, in a second I’ll show you a vegan dish cooked – or rather whipped up – by me. You probably already had suspected that regarding the title and/or the post’s picture. Oh well, I’ve just extra articulated again then for you 😉 I came across this dish when I was looking for inspiration for my recipe of vegan cashew whipped cream […]

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Homemade Chai Latte

Who else is freezing their a** off? Who else also associates autumn/ November/coldness with a delicious … mulled wine? Yes, I’m cold and yes, I’m absolutely thinking about mulled wine right now. However, this post has nothing to do with mulled wine. But with the other hot beverage everyone is thinking of in this cold weather: Chai Latteeeeeeeee. Someone once told me that “chai” translated actually means “tea”. Did not […]

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Kewei’s Kitchen Copenhagen

The first thing I do after arriving at a new location? Checkíng out the food scene! Copenhagen is still one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to and it enchants me again and again. That’s why it’s not uncommon that i travel from the “little” Malmö to Copenhagen to explore as much as i can! Therefore the invitation von kewei was a great opportunity to enjoy copenhagen […]

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Applethree German and English

applethree sprachen

Dear applethree readers, yep, now it actually is official: we are now also blogging in English – yay! From now on we’re not only going to publish our German posts as usual but also put up the English version the same day or a few days after. Also we are doing our best to translate and upload previous posts to our English page whenever time allows it. To read the […]

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Warm Noodle Bowl Asian-style

asiatische nudel bowl

Is it just me or do you also get this addiction to certain foods depending on the season? It´s a simple, quick and tasty bowl which is my favorite summer-meal. In the current cold I definitely need something warm but I don´t want to worry about what I’m going to cook every day. That’s why I often prepare a warm noodle bowl with the ingredients I happen to have at […]

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Vegan Chicken Wings


Who else misses chicken as a vegan? I know, a lot of people say it is „weird“ to make recipes that look or taste like chicken, beef or pork. The thing is though that a lot of us haven’t stopped eating meat because we think it tastes gross – we stopped because of ethical reasons, to save the animals, environment and better our healths. I have to admit that from […]

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