Vegan Scrambled Eggs

veganes Rührei

I don’t know how you feel about replacing meat or dairy products through vegan alternatives, but I think its genius! I often hear meat-eaters complain about how stupid it is to replace those products, are the “real ones” always the better ones. Many do not get that vegans do not like the taste of certain products, but rather disagree with the fact to kill an animal, the conditions they need to live in or the sustainable aspect of veganism. As I always loved fresh scrambled eggs, I wanted to create an vegan, but obviously tasty, version of it. Believe me or not, I might even prefer this recipe instead of the “real” scrambled eggs. hence why I want to share it with you!

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Coffee Breakfastbowl

Kaffee Frühstücksbowl

Today I have the ultimate breakfast for those, who can’t get to work without a fair amount of caffeine intake. My coffee breakfast bowl gives you the awesome caffeine kick and delivers with valuable ingredients a perfect basis to strengthen the day to start. Thank me later!

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