Rocket-Persimmon-Salad with Vegan “Goats”-Cheese

Loveliest vegan friends! As you probably can already imagine, in a second I’ll show you a vegan dish cooked – or rather whipped up – by me. You probably already had suspected that regarding the title and/or the post’s picture. Oh well, I’ve just extra articulated again then for you 😉

I came across this dish when I was looking for inspiration for my recipe of vegan cashew whipped cream (coming soon!). As soon as you are on any recipe pages, somewhere there are always popping up these other recipes, like next to/under/on top of the actual recipe, which apparently could be of your interest. And they are always right…oh I wonder how they know me so well 😉 ! What immediately caught my attention was this vegan salad with persimmons, rocket and feta cheese. Obviously I clicked on it aaaaaaand here we are – my mouth was watering. The problem with the whole story: the recipe was with Indian cucumbers (has anyone ever seen that before?) and feta cheese (dairy – ugh!) and – in my assessment – it also was a little bit boring. But I wouldn’t be a food blogger if that wasn’t the perfect template for a new vegan salad creation à la Sanny, would I? You can see my version of this great salad right here:

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