Kewei’s Kitchen Copenhagen

The first thing I do after arriving at a new location? Checkíng out the food scene! Copenhagen is still one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to and it enchants me again and again. That’s why it’s not uncommon that i travel from the “little” Malmö to Copenhagen to explore as much as i can! Therefore the invitation von kewei was a great opportunity to enjoy copenhagen and authentic chinese food! Now I will tell you more about Keweis Concept, about my lovely evening in Copenhagen and especially where you can find her!

Kewei’s Kitchen Copenhagen


What makes Kewei’s Kitchen so special? It’s actually quite simple: leaving the Chinese fast food image! Kewei told me, that she is not happy with the chinese food image here in europe and scandinavia, because it is too often associated with fast and cheap food. However Kewei shows that this is not always the case! She created an authentic dinner with high-quality ingredients in a local, Scandinavian atmosphere.

The menu

Depending on the season and keweis new ideas, the menu changes from time to time, so that regular visitors can enjoy new tastes and creations. If you like wine, you are very lucky, because you can book the menu with wine, that Kewei selected. The menu costs 300 Danish crowns or 500 crowns with wine accompaniment. Converted in euros you’ll pay about 40 – 60 euros. This is definitely worth spending, because Copenhagen is an expensive place itself and therefore the menü is a really good deal!


starter number 1 was wonton soup.

I have to admit, I didn’t know what a wonton soup was, before I came to Kewei and was very excited to try it the first time! Kewei was so lovely and explained me that woton are Chinese dumplings that can be filled and shaped differently. These were filled with spinach, fennel and mushrooms and flavored with konbu (edible seaweed). Definitely the perfect start for this menu.

Who does not like 2 appetizers? My favorite of the evening: sea bass with fermented chili and beans.

I don’t  really like spicy and also fermented sounded strange, but you have to try it! The ingredients fit perfectly together and guarantee a taste explosion!

Photocredit: Kewei

Main course

The main course was ribs with rice, stuffed green pepper and vegetables.


The stuffing of the pepper was really a surprise and completely new for me! Kewei’s friend and colleague Pernille  makes her own China-inspired sausages and has created this really tasty combination with Kewei.


Have you ever thought of beans in an ice cream? Me neither, before I was allowed to enjoy this dinner! The culmination was coconut pudding, with red bean ice cream in rose water. The ice cream was amazingly sweet and the beans give the whole thing a crunch reminiscent of more chocolate flakes.

Where can you find Kewei’s Kitchen?

Kewei cooks every Sunday and Monday starting on the 12th of November at the Spisehuset in Copenhagen. The location is  gorgeous and right in the middle of the meatpacking district that you should visit anyway.


Slagerhusgade 5C,
1715 Copenhagen, Denmark
For more information look at the lovely Kewei on Facebook or Instagram over or best of all in her in Copenhagen!

For the best experience Kewei recommends you to book online and it helps her to eliminate the food waste as well!

Thanks for your invitation again, Kewei!

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