“What the Pitta!” – Restaurant Review

Guuuuuuuys! I’m absolutely hooked right now! ‘Why is that again, Sanny?’ you might ask yourself? Well, because with this post I’m actually writing my very first restaurant review! Yay! Well, and also the fact that I’m drinking Monster Energy probably also adds a bit to my current hyperactivity haha. But what really makes me happy is the fact that this “restaurant” which I’m gonna write about is my absolute favorite place for vegan food. So, spoiler alert: my first restaurant review will contain a lot of love and praise.

“What The Pitta” review

So guys, here’s the story. Not the story of “What the Pitta!” itself, because I don’t think that’s an interesting part ;). But it’s the (love) story of “What the Pitta!” and me. The first time I ate something from WTP (not WTF!) was on a typical hangover Sunday. My boyfriend and I were lying in bed, permanently hungry and dying for anything savory. Just how it is on Sundays, right?! As you know, you don’t necessarily want to move on such a day. So there was (as so often) only one solution: delivery service! Luckily in London it is relatively easy to have the most diverse types of food easily and quickly available.

So what we do is click on our “UberEats” app and search for “vegan”. BTW shoutout to my awesome boyfriend at this point – he’s not a vegan, but when he’s with me he (almost) always eats vegan – cheers mate! Whatever, back to the story. After entering our search criteria the first thing that comes up: “What the Pitta” – Vegan Döner. And I was just like: “um, yes please!”. I’ve always loved kebab (who doesn’t ?!) and especially after an evening in the pubs and clubs, there’s nothing better than a kebab. But of course, since I started being vegan, this kind of treat hasn’t been allowed for me anymore. That’s why I was even more pleased when “vegan doner kebab” popped up. My boyfriend didn’t have to be convinced that this would be our breakfast… or dinner (whatever you call it when your first meal is at about 5 pm). The delivery time for orders of this restaurant was also only stated with 10 – 15 minutes – awesome. This short delivery time was due to the fact that “What the Pitta!” is only two minutes away from my boyfriend’s apartment – which we didn’t know at the time.

Whatever! So: we ordered, the food came, we ate and since then we are regular guests. We love it!! And it means a lot when I say “we”, because as I said my boyfriend is not a vegan but rather on the contrary: he loves meat. And cheese … oh god, he loves cheese! And eggs … he loves them idolatrously. Haha, nice story bruv, innit? 😀


Menu and Prices



“What the Pitta!”‘s menu is not the most diverse – but it doesn’t really need to be! The restaurant specializes in a few things and that’s a good thing. What they do is what makes them great. From the price point of view, you might think “wow, almost eight pounds for a box like that, that’s a lot,” BUT: you get a lot for your money. The kebab box, for example, is huge and every time I get one, it’s shared. It’s enough for two people, believe me. That only adds up to £ 4 per person and that’s absolutely worth it.

The Food

So far, we’ve tried the “Vegan Döner Kebab”, which, in contrast to the “conventional” Döner Kebab, doesn’t come in a thick flatbread, but in a tortilla wrap. We also had the Turkish pizza, baklava and of course, of course, the “Vegan Kebab Box with chips”. Oh god, this box. This box is my absolute favorite! Ever since we tried it, I’ve forced most of my friends to get it, too. Most of them (non-vegan) were skeptical at first – just as non vegans are about vegan food. But when I let them try from my Döner Box, there wasn’t a single person who didn’t like it! Every single person was impressed how “real” the kebab “meat” tastes. The whole thing is made from soya as shown above. Both the consistency and the taste of the “meat” – simply wonderful and hardly distinguishable from real meat! And then there are the absolutely brilliant sauces. The home made tzatziki, the hummus and vegan mayo – so good! I could rave about it forever. Of course, the simple wrap is absolutely yummy, too (obviously -it consists of the same ingredients). I like the box just better, because it comes with fries and I don’t think I need to tell you that everything tastes five times better with fries.

The Turkish pizza also is absolutely delicious! I mean … look at this:

The only drawback of this pizza: all of the sauces with which the thin pizza is topped make the whole thing so heavy, that it’s almost impossible to not drop 50% of the pizza trying to eat it. But since that’s the only problem, I can live pretty well with that.

Unfortunately we forgot to take a photo of the “Vegan Baklava” as it disappeared far too quick in our mouths than we could’ve reacted. Or maybe it was also the beers that we had before with the other dishes ;). Well, whatever it was, shame on me as a food blogger. I promise improvement! Anyway: the Baklava was also good, but it didn’t really taste like “real” baklava to me. My boyfriend, however, doesn’t agree with me but also found it really nice. I guess you have to visit “What The Pitta!” yourself and form your own opinion on this one.

What I haven’t tried yet is the “Couscous Box” and the “Mixed Meze”. But believe me, I’m after them.


This post is already too long, so I want to keep it short: I love “What the Pitta!” with all my heart. Just in case you haven’t noticed yet. The Vegan Kebab is something you don’t get everywhere, it tastes delicious, authentic and you get a great value for money. So what else do you want? Dear “What the Pitta”-team: 10 out of 10 thumbs from my side, guys!

People, come to London and eat that! You’re welcome.

And I’m hungry now.

Sanny over & out.

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